‘CAN Design’ is a conceptualization and statement. The cans accentuate that YOU CAN – and WE CAN design better futures.

‘CAN Design’ offers various types of competence development, career- and leadership training etc. all aimed at designing better work lives. This includes:

designing better cultures – too many employees are stressed, demotivated, not engaged. Too many organizations need to strengthen creativity and innovation. Learn how to build a more creative and collaborative culture that stimulate innovation. A culture that sees employees as creators and co-creators of meaning and value. You need inspiration, a new approach, you need new competencies, processes, and methods.

learning a new approach, new competencies, processes, and methods – needed for a building a better and more innovative culture. ‘CAN Design’ offerings are all built on a creative

‘CAN Design’ wants to concretize and accentuates this possibility using your creativity to ‘see’, to imagine and to design new and better businesses, careers, futures etc.

The scientist and Nobel prize winner Herbert Simon once said, “Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing the existing situations into more preferred ones”. Design represents a new creative approach to problems, to business, to life, to yourself – all aimed at creating or designing better futures.

You have the possibility of opening up to a new, creative approach to the world, to your business, to your career, and to your life. And we have the possibility together to open up to a new approach to the world, to business, to our organizations etc.

It all starts with imagining. When you imagine something different from ‘what is’, you are already at the first stage to change. But we need to train and be better at imagining and then creating and designing better futures.

‘CAN design’ can help you on this.

The design*: The design uses homographs, which usually is a pair of words that are spelled the same way, but have different meanings.