Contact info + C.V.

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Contact: Mail: 

Mobile: +45 26122422  / Skype: kirsten-bonde-sorensen


CEO at “newWAYS&” – researcher & educator, PhD

Faculty member & Associate Professor at Parsons New School of Design,

Paris/New York / Ms in Strategic Design & Management for Global Executives

Affiliated at entrepreneurial initiatives in DK, as consultant and lecturer


Expert in:

values, values clarification, value innovation, meaning innovation – for individuals and organizations

strategic design & design management/business development

creative processes & visual sense making – for individuals and groups



strong in ‘seeing’, inspiring and motivating people

strong as a process facilitator

strong in creating possibilities, strong creator & co-creator



PhD i strategic design from Kolding School of Design/Aarhus School of Architecture (2008-2011).  Supervisor: Business Professor Anders Drejer

MA i Rhetoric (MARC) from Aarhus University (2004-2007)

Designer 5-year study (today MA)  graduated from Kolding School of Design, Visual Communication and Utrecht School of Design, Holland (1990-1995).


Teaching and research experiences:

Parsons New School of Design, Paris / Faculty member, Associate Professor on Ms in “Strategic Design & Management for Global Executives”

Kolding School of Design/University of Southern Denmark:  teaching & supervisor at Ms in “Design Management”

Aarhus School of Architecture/Aarhus University, DK teaching in service design and strategic design, IT product development, visual sensemaking + Research at Platform Reform

Kolding School of Design, DK: research: pre-doc + Ph.d.

Parsons New School of Design, New York & Paris guest teacher, strategic design, value clarification workshops.

University College Lillebælt, DK: research in design didactics, entrepreneurship didactics, learning theory in relation to leadership & learning. Teaching Knowledge & Innovation Leadership”

Ms in “Design” på The Royal Design Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, DK: Guest Lecturer & supervisor on  Ms thesis

Member of the External Examiner Corps within business economics, Danish Minister of Education, DK Appointed as an external examiner at universities and institutions offering education within Entrepreneurship, Business & Innovation.

Development of new university didactics.  Kolding School of Design, DK. Member of the pilot group  (2010-2012) led by professor Finn Thorbjørn. The aim was to develop a new type of university didactics with inspiration in the design profession.


Experiences from business:

Design management consultant, e.g. for Danfoss. Assisting in implementing DesignLine in various divisions.

Consultant at Iværk, Spinderihallerne (DK) teaching and supporting more than 200 creative entrepreneurs (both single workshops and 5 week courses)

Consultant in Design2Innovate, an EU-supported project. The aim was to spread knowledge and awareness on design as a competence in innovation and business development. Researching

Lecturer & supervisor in  Design Management – a Ms at SDU – The University of Southern Denmark (only ‘real’ business cases e.g. Easy Food, Dinesen, Light Years m.fl) and supervisor in Master thesis processes on design in business development, strategic design.

Ph.D. completed in a bank: Middelfart Sparekasse (DK). Research focus: How can design be used strategically in business development. The outcome was:  ‘strategic design for individuals and organizations. The thesis included a radically different financial service that changes people´s money behavior. This service innovation moreover represents the values of the company and its strong focus on self-leadership. We invented a new notion “The Self-leading Customer” as people take back leadership in relation to their money behavior.

Leadership Academy Lillebælt – teaching, research, and developing new types of leadership education.

Giving talks on leadership, innovation, design management and employee engagement and motivation.

Art Director, IC-Companys, International Art Director for the brand: InWear – responsible for ideation and development of materials for international campaigns.

Design studio: customers; Sony Music, Transistor Music, Danish Radio, Red Cross, Limfjordsteatret (theater), Middelfart Sparekasse (bank) m.fl.

Advisory board member, Hop Spots A/S


Positions and jobs:

July 2016 – Parsons New School of Design, Paris / Faculty member, Associate Professor in Strategic Design & Management

A faculty member on Ms in Strategic Design & Management for Global Executives. Lecturer on the first six months of ‘Individual Project’, teaching strategic design processes and value management for the leaders new to design, using my book: “21st Century Employee, a Creator & Co-Creator – Strategic Design and Value Management – in your career and in your life”.


Aug. 2014 –July 2016 University College Lillebælt/Leadership Academy, / Assistant professor & Associate Professor

Developing new types of leadership courses at Leadership Academy. Researching designerly competencies and didactics and how to implement these in new types of leadership and learning. Teaching ‘knowledge & innovation leadership’ (part-time position).


Aug. 2011 – Jan 2016 Kolding School of Design/University of Southern Denmark (SDU) / teacher & supervisor

Teacher & supervisor in Design Management (designledelse) working with many and various types of business cases in collaboration with the business  industry. Teaching service design, strategic design, business modeling e.g. and supervisor also for Master thesis projects. The education is offered by Kolding School of Design in collaboration with University of Southern Denmark (SDU).


Feb. 02. 2015 Parsons New School of Design, New York. Guest lecturer

Oct. 26.-28. 2015 Parsons New School of Design, Paris. Guest Lecturer


Sep. 2012 – June 2014 Aarhus School of Architecture/Aarhus University.

Primarily teaching experiment driven lessons on service design, strategic design, visual /sketching activities. Research topics: generative tools, design as a language for self-dialogue and value clarification, rhetoric, doing thinking, design as doing, self-leadership, strategic design, service design.


Jan. 2014Member of the External Examiner Corps within business economics,

Danish Minister of Education. Appointed as an external examiner at universities and institutions offering education within Entrepreneurship, Business & Innovation.


Aug. 2011Iværk, Spinderihallerne Vejle/Kolding School of Design / teacher & supervisor

Entrepreneurship courses. Affiliated consultant and instructor at the entrepreneurial initiative, Iværk, Spinderihallerne in Vejle. Educating, all in all, more than 150 creative entrepreneurs that have incorporated a designerly approach to business development and entrepreneurship (a design management approach eg. in their idea development, user perspectives, service designs, business models and more). Many of these companies also incorporated ‘strategic design for individuals’ as a tool for value clarification and later in their value and strategy development. Some of these courses act as empirical data in my research.


Jan. 2013 – 2014 The Royal Design Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation

Supervisor, MA thesis supervisor. Affiliated with MA in design education, as a speaker and thesis supervisor.


Sep. 2011 – 2012 Design2Innovate / design consultant

Researching buyers and providers, that means companies who are using design as a competence in relation to business development and design companies who are offering business industries design competencies in relation to business development and strategy. Idea, research, and co-editor of the publication: “SÅDAN! – bruger du design i forretningsudvikling” (2012) on how to use design in business development. Design2innovate was a four-year project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The objective of Design2innovate is to help small and medium-sized companies develop and increase their business using design as a competence.


Sep. 2011 – 2012 Danfoss / design management consultant

(a global Danish engineering company with 24.000 employees worldwide). Design management consultant, assisting in implementing a DesignLine strategy in several divisions of the organization.


Jan. 2008-2011 Kolding School of Design/Aarhus School of Architecture/Middelfart Sparekasse / Ph.d.

(medium sized Danish bank) Ph.D. project 2008-2011. Awarded Nov. 2011.


2007 -2007 Kolding School of Design/Danish Centre for Design Research (DCDR) / Research assistant

Research Assistant. Pre-doc project.


2001 – 2006 – design studio / Designer

Owner, designer (Sony Music, Denmarks Radio, Coop, Middelfart Sparekasse, jobs within cultural institutions)


1996 – 2001 InWear, IC Companys, Denmark / international Art Director

International Art Director


1995 – 1996 Lindberg Optic / Designer



1985 – 1991 Marie Brolin-Tani Dance Theatre, Stephen Fant Dance Theatre, Eske Holm Dans m.fl. / Danser