We know employee engagement is a huge problem. Based on comprehensive research we are now talking about “The World Wide Emploee Engagement Crisis” (Gallup, 2013, 2016) that claim 87% of employees are not engaged at their workplade (in the US 54%, in DK 67%). We know there are many many non-engaged, stressed, depressed or bored employees all over the world…We also know the leaders still are measured, most of all, on the traditional bottomline, profit. And we know that leaders, generally, need more creative competences, better leadership skills…

– so how can we improve? How can we take leadership and be the change?

I hope you would like to co-create on the further development and modelling of The 21st Century Employee?

In the coming months I am inviting different types of people: employees, leaders, young ones, elder ones etc. for co-creation sessions about the 21st Century Employee. Who knows what these sessions will lead to, we will see what happens…

If you are interested in participating either in 1) reading and giving feedback on the book and idea or 2) participating in a co-creation session, please  send me an email: kirsten@med-skaberrevolutionen.dk, in the subject line, please write: “co-creator”.  Leave name, address, occupation and I will return to you.