A “book-in-the-making”

This book is based on the last 8 years of research, and many many workshops in various different places and with various different types of people. Therefore I know that these processes work strongly and add  value and meaning  to  both human beings and organisations –  both  employees, leaders (- and customers, students, entrepreneurs etc). Thus I foresee that this could be a model for the 21st Century Employee and for new types of leadership (- and a possible answer to the employee engagement crisis, which my book takes a point in departure in).


But I also know that a model needs to be flexible and customised or remodelled so it fits you or your organisation. Such iterations are crucial in every design process. Therefore my  book is not an ordinary finished  book, but a book-in-the-making –  a statement and a prototype about an idea about the 21st Century Employee as a Creator & a Co-creator.

Another thing: many have asked me: “Why don´t you made a e-book, and thus save money for printing”, but to me materiality is everything. As a designer I make illustrations and models that I bring  into the world. This leaves the opportunity to look at models, ideas etc, to touch them, sense them from various perspectives and to  invite other people in. In this way this prototype  is totally different from  a ‘remote’ online e-book.

With this book-in-the-making, with this prototype and statement I hope to illustrate that the idea about The 21st Century Employee is  ‘open’ and calling for involvement, it´s calling for co-creation!


Hope to see you as a Creator & Co-creator