Publications, research articles:


A Holistic Design Perspective on Entrepreneurship Education, Sørensen, K.B. & Davidsen, H.M. in Universal Journal of Educational Research 5(10): 1818-1826, 2017

research journal article


A holistic design perspective on entrepreneurship” Sørensen, K.B. & Davidsen, H.M. Research paper, presented at 3E Conference on Entrepreneurship Education Conference in Leeds, UK on 11-13 May 2016.

Peer-reviewed conference paper


The role of doing and making models with materials: Outlining “designerly & human-centered entrepreneurship” Sørensen, K.B. & Evers, W. Research paper & hands-on workshop presented at Eksig 2015 Conference (part of Design Research Society). Conference title: ”Tangible Means: Experiential Knowledge Through Materials” Kolding. Nov. 25 & 26 2015.

Peer-reviewed conference paper

Entrepreneurship as a new learning philosophy. Davidsen, H. M. & Sørensen, K. B.,  Leadership Academy & Research & Innovation, University College Lillebælt. Paper presentation at 3E Conference – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference Lüneburg April 23-24 2015

Peer-reviewed conference paper

Visualisering – et stærkt redskab og sprog i læringssituationer. Sørensen, K.B. & Davidsen, H. M. Leadership Academy & Research & Innovation, University College Lillebælt in TAL14 – Teaching for Active Learning publication. University of Southern Denmark (SDU) (2014), p. 30-37.

peer-reviewed article in conference publication: TAL2014

Creativity, reflective thinking and self-directed, life-long learning.  Sørensen, K.B. & Davidsen, H. M. Leadership Academy & Research & Innovation, University College Lillebælt. Peer-reviwed conference paper presented at 29th International Self-Directed Learning Symposium. February 3 – 7, 2015, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

Peer- reviewed conference paper

Den større mening er motivation. Sørensen, K.B., Leadership Academy & Research & Innovation, University College Lillebælt. Article in book: Designandelen, (Designers Cooperation) Designandelen, Spinderihallerne, Vejle, Denmark. 20. jan. 2015, p. 111-112

Article in magazine/book


Using design tools in strategy workshops to co-create viable and value creating business model ideas with relational business-to-business partners. Ever, W. (University of Southern Denmark) & Sørensen, K. B. (Leadership Academy, University College Lillebælt) paper presentation at conference: “Design meets Business” Dec. 3.-4. 2014. University of Southern Denmark.

Peer-reviewed conference paper – BEST PAPER AWARD

Visualisering – et stærkt sprog i undervisning:  Sørensen, K.B. Ledelsesakademiet, Forskning & Innovation, University College Lillebælt. Paper & presentation at the conference: Teaching for Active Learning at SDU, Nov. 3, 2014.

Konferencebidrag, peer-reviewed

Hvad er gode designprocesser – og hvad kan man bruge dem til? Sørensen, K.B. Ledelsesakademiet, Forskning & Innovation, University College Lillebælt. Oplæg ved mini-konference: Fra user-driven til meaning- and wonder-driven innovation. Oktober, d. 21. 2014 Ålborg Universitet.

Konference oplæg

Producing Social Innovation / Nørgaard, M., Sørensen, K.B., Krogh, P. G., (Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark), Seravalli, (Malmö University, Sweden), Bianchini, M. & Maffei, S., (School of Design, Politechnico di Milano, Italy) (2014): 6th Living Knowledge Conference 2014, April 9 – 11, 2014, Copenhagen.

Konferencebidrag i proceedings


Transformative service design – inviting customers to have artful self-dialogues about money / Sørensen, K. B. (2013) in Touchpoint – The Journal of Service Design  Vol. 5 No. 3

Journal paper, peer-reviewed

Challenging dominant values in life / Sørensen, K. B. (2013) Service Design Network Global Conference 2013 (SDN) in Cardiff, England Nov. 19. – 20.

Workshop and talk, peer-reviewed

Designing for self-leadership / Sørensen, K. B.,  in Proceedings of NORDES 2013: Experiments in design research. Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, s. 163-173 10 s.

Konferencebidrag i proceedings, peer-reviewed


The Self-Leading Customer: A new human-centred financial service / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde / I: Proceedings of the 2nd Innovation for Financial Services Summit, Luxembourg. Sep. 2012. 2012. 

Konferencebidrag i proceedings

Designing as a language for self-dialogue and value clarification / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde I: Design Research Society Conference Bangkok July 2012.: Reformin g traditions, reshaping boundaries.. 2012.

Konferencebidrag i proceedings


When Designing Emerges into Strategies - in an Organisation and in Individuals Ph.D. Thesis / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde. Designskolen Kolding, 2011. 368 s.

Ph.D. thesis

Are users an important driver of radical innovation?- a case study about electric cars in Denmark / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde  I: The Tao of Sustainability – Proceedings: – An International Conference on Sustainable Design Strategies in a Globalization Context. red. / Zhou Haoming; Pekka Korvenmaa; Liu Xin. Sustainable Design Research Institute, Art & Science Research Centre, Tsinghua University, China , 2011. s. 616-622 

Konferencebidrag i proceeding


Reframing design – and business? – a critical look at co-creation / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde; Leerberg, Malene. I: Proceedings of the Design Research Society Conference July, Montreal Canada, 2010 “Design and Complexity”, Chap. 17. 2010.

Konferencebidrag i proceedings

When will customers claim their rights as creative human beings? - a rhetorical perspective on co-creation / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde I: Proceedings of the Design Research Society Conference July, Montreal Canada,2010 “Design and Complexity”. Chap.16. 2010.

Konferencebidrag i proceedings

Stimulating Creativity In and Around Organization / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde I: Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives. red. / Arlindo Silva; Ricardo Simòes. igi global, 2010.

Bidrag til bog/antologi

How can design and rhetoric contribute to business strategy and value innovation ? - a strategic design project in Middelfart Sparekasse / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde I: Design Research DK: 08-09: Design in Transition. 2010. s. 64-71. 

Designskolen Kolding.

Bidrag til bog/antologi


Stimulating Co-creation Processes Through Design Artifacts : Results from a design pilot study describing how to design artifacts and tools for stimulating co-creation processes in a bank. /Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde. I: Design2Business Proceedings of D2B2: Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium Beijing 2009. red. / Alex Williams; Robert Partington; Quian Sun. 2009. s. 52-61. 

Bidrag til bog/antologi


Strategic Design – with a Focus on Values. / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde. I: Communication and Dialogue. red. / Thomas Leerberg; Lene Wul. Designskolen Kolding, 2008. s. 82-84.

Bidrag til bog/antologi

How to address co-creation? : peer-reviewed position paper til conference workshop: Designing for co-creation. / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde. I: publisher. 2008.

Konferencebidrag i proceedings


En undersøgelse af retorikfagets anvendelighed i kvalificeringen af designfagets metodeforståelse. / Sørensen, Kirsten Bonde.

Center for Designforskning, 2007.

Designskolen Kolding.


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